Sonic Womb: A Sound Healing Journey with special guest & Reiki Master, Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Gabriel Logan Braun & Marla Mervis-Hartmann

14 Jul 2017 Santa Monica, California


Time : 7:30pm-9pm
Venue : Continuum Studio
Address : 1629 18th St #7
State : California
Zip : 90404
Contact Website :

About Sonic Womb: A Sound Healing Journey with special guest & Reiki Master, Marla Mervis-Hartmann

This Sonic Womb will feature special guest and Living Light Reiki Master, Marla Mervis-Hartmann. Marla will be holding the space with Reiki Energy. With the intention for deep expansion and integration, she will be channeling Reiki by placing her hands on you individually during the sound bath if you wish to receive her touch.

A Sound Journey with Gabriel Logan Braun is a healing journey of mindfulness and movement. It’s a dynamic and improvisational expression in response to what’s needed in the room to create a deeply healing and restorative experience for the participants.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel uses loop pedals, his voice, flutes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonium and guitar to create a unique melding of sounds for people to relax, de-stress, harmonize and embrace the depth of our sacred inner-world.

From his angelic tones to soulful beat boxing, Gabriel’s heartfelt and earthy sound comes through his music to create experiences for people to celebrate the human spirit. By creating timeless and expansive soundscapes where there is nothing for the mind to hold onto, this allows for participants to really let go and unwind from their day. At times, light percussive vocal rhythms and harmonies are interwoven to create a feeling of containment and safety which allows the mind to better focus, the body to relax and the nervous system to return to homeostasis.

*Please bring blankets, cushions, pillows, yoga mats and bolsters to make yourself a comfortable sound healing “nest” to rest in.*

Marla Mervis-Hartmann

As a Living Light Reiki Master, Marla has been enthusiastically practicing and teaching Reiki for 15 years. She teaches all levels of Reiki including children’s Reiki classes & leads regular Reiki Circles and Reiki Practitioner Nights.
Along side being a Reiki Master and Teacher, Marla is creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself. As a speaker and coach, she supports women to have a honor and appreciate their bodies. Watch Marla’s Tedx Talk here: