Deep Dive: Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing

Cass Carlopio & Gabriel Logan Braun

20 Jan 2018 Santa Monica, CA


Time : 2pm-5pm
Venue : Continuum Movement Studio
Address : 1629 18th Street, #7
State : CA
Zip : 90404
Contact Website :

Come join us, Casandra & Gabriel, for the first Deep Dive: Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing workshop of 2018! Experience the profound modalities of yoga nidra and sound healing, to transport yourself deep inside to your inner sanctuary of ease and wellbeing, release layers of stress and tension and rest in bliss.

Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra is an evidence-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that releases negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, restores energy reserves and develops an inner sanctuary of ease and well-being. The practice is profoundly rejuvenating and leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healingand well-being. Yoga nidra is the perfect antitode to the business and fast pace of daily life.

Sound Healing is a modality that uses sound vibrations and music to shift brainwave states to induce meditation and relaxation. As a multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel uses loop pedals, his voice, flutes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonium and guitar to create a unique melding of sounds for people to relax, de-stress, harmonize and embrace the depth of our sacred inner-world. From his angelic tones to soulful beat boxing, Gabriel’s heartfelt and earthy sound comes through his music to create experiences for people to celebrate the human spirit. By creating timeless and expansive soundscapes where there is nothing for the mind to hold onto, this allows for participants to really let go and unwind from their day. At times, light percussive vocal rhythms and harmonies are interwoven to create a feeling of containment and safety which allows the mind to better focus, the body to relax and the nervous system to return to homeostasis.

This three-hour workshop will involve an overview of yoga nidra and sound healing and two extended guided meditations, with live sound healing. Come prepared to relax deeply, in comfortable clothing. No physical yoga poses required, just resting in shavasana.

Tickets $35 online, $40 at the door.

What you can expect:

increased vitality

reduced stress, anxiety and depression

greater ability to relax and enjoy life

reduced insomnia and levels of stress

improved interpersonal relationships

reduced chronic and acute pain

increased inner peace and well-being

What to bring:

We have props in the studio, but feel free to bring whatever props support your body in relaxing completely e.g., eye mask, pillow, blankets.

Bring a journal if you want to take notes

Wear comfortable clothing – no physical postures or asanas will be conducted, just simply laying in shavasana.

For the comfort of everyone, please do not wear strong perfumes or scents.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the studio and on the street.

What should I bring into the event?
Bring a pillow, blanket, eye-mask, and journal if you want to take notes.

Will I be doing yoga poses?
The only ‘pose’ is laying comfortably, either on your back or side. So if you are injured, or fatiuged, this event is highly suitable for you.

Is it suitable for beginners?
Yes! These workshops are designed everyone – from beginner meditators to experienced practitioners. No prior experience necessary.